Keep All Your Devices Fully Charged With This Sleek New Gadget, No Cords Needed

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"I love it so much I bought a second for the wife. And now thinking about 3rd one for the car...."

Does this sound familiar? You're late for an appointment, about to leave the house, your phone's taking forever to charge as always, and you're faced with a crossroads.

Either take the phone off charge and stress all day about it running out of battery (which it usually does in less than 2 hours); or stare at it plugged into the wall as it slowly trickle charges and risk being late again. 

Despite what choice you make, some part of your day usually ends up getting ruined: Whether you're on a 8 hour flight and your battery runs out 2 hours in, or you're driving in the middle of nowhere, frantically hoping that you can stretch out that last 1% until you navigate home safely.

Can you relate?

The problem with most "portable" (if they can even be called that) phone chargers is that they're clunky, barely provide any charge, and are only compatible for one device at a time. Plus, you still have to remember to bring the right cord along with it wherever you go. 

Recently, I discovered this new gadget that's been taking the world by storm because it solves all those problems and more, with a sleek, compact design to boot.

This new gadget is the first of its kind to feature patented charging technology and a lightning-fast, completely wireless way to power up all of your devices, all while on the go. 

It's called ChargeHubGO+, and there's a good reason why it's been hailed as the “best charger you’ll ever own,” with thousands of people raving about it across the world.

What is it?

ChargeHubGO+ is an ultra-slim portable wireless phone charger that allows for on-the-go charging of up to 4 devices - all at the same time!

It is the first of its kind and the ONLY portable charger featuring patented SmartSpeed® Technology and a wireless charging pad for fast, convenient charging.

ChargeHubGO+ is also the only product on the market that has this battery size (5,000 mAh) in this small of a size and weight. 

Plus, it’s SUPER-SLIM –– no wider than your average smartphone, so it fits seamlessly into your pocket. No more feeling of carrying a bulky power bank around all day. Despite its size, It holds enough juice to charge your phone UP TO FIVE TIMES!

There’s also technology to auto-detect which device you’re charging (even if you’re charging four different ones at once) and will adapt its charging intensity and speed to perfectly suit your device!

How Does it Work?

The ChargeHubGO+ provides options to charge almost every type of phone, any way you prefer.

It has several different types of charger cords BUILT-INAND it doubles as a wireless charger. In other words, even if you’re constantly forgetting a charger cord like I am, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to let your phone die on you.

Step 1: Connect your ChargeHubGO+ to a power source with the provided cable.

Step 2: Plug in your device using the built-in USB cables. OR place your device on top of the ChargeHubGO+ wireless charging pad (if it allows for wireless charging).

Voilà! That's it! Plus, there’s technology behind the ChargeHubGO+ that auto-detects your device, that can actually help you save a TON of money. 

When you use normal chargers, they just emit the same amount of power, no matter what device you have plugged in. This is really really bad for the battery as it overpowers the device which actually fries the port and the battery inside.

On the flip side, a normal charger could also emit too little power, which is why they sometimes take so long. But the ChargeHubGO+ is programmed to perfectly charge whichever device you’ve plugged in. Over time, this helps maintain the life of your phone, speaker, or whatever you’re charging.

Who doesn’t want their tech kept in better shape? They’re expensive enough already! Even if you’re not using this on the go, and even if you’re not charging wirelessly, it’s still a major major perk to have.

What Devices Work With The ChargeHubGO+?

ChargeHubGO+ pretty much has universal compatibility and works with: iPhone 5 or newer, iPad (Regular, Pro, Mini, Air), Samsung Galaxy (S7 or newer), Google Pixel, Samsung Note 4 & 5, LG, and more!

With the universal USB port, any cord that you have with a USB attachment at one end will work perfectly, which is what makes the device universally compatible.

Even though there are four ways to charge, wirelessly is my favorite. That said, there will never be any messy cords involved here, even if you choose to charge differently.

The ChargeHubGO+ automatically gives your device the fastest charge possible, delivering an impressive 2.4 amps and up to 15 watts of total power.

You never have to worry about your devices losing power again, or that messy ball of cords you call a powerbank.

On top of all that, ChargeHubGO+ eliminates safety concerns with overvoltage protection, temperature control, & foreign object detection. Now you can safely charge all your electronics without the risk of damaging your expensive devices.

And the best part is that all YOU have to worry about is remembering to take it with you!

What Else We Love About ChargeHubGO+

  • Patented Charging Technology – SmartSpeed Technology provides the fastest possible charge for your devices with an impressive 15 watts of total power!
  • Portable Power – The 5000 mAh battery will keep most devices charged while on-the-go! It easily fits in your pocket without the size and bulkiness of typical powerbanks.
  • Universal Compatibility –  Ensures an optimal charge for virtually any device. Charge using a standard USB, the wireless charging pad, or the built-in USB Cables that provide unique and universal compatibility with 1 Type-C and 1 Micro/Lightning Reversible Cable.
  • 5W Wireless Charging –  The hottest new technology! Go cable-free by simply placing a compatible device on top of the ChargeHubGO+ and your device will begin charging.
  • Safety Certified –  The ChargeHubGO+ has undergone the most stringent testing to secure multiple product quality, safety, and durability certifications including: CE Certified, Tested to comply with FCC Standard Part 15, and RoHS Compliant.
  • Their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – Their #1 priority is having a positive customer experience! Unlike many others in the industry, they value their customers, and if you are not happy with your order they will give you a full refund.

As Seen In

ChargeHubGO+ is starting to make a name for itself, which is no surprise! People everywhere are raving about it!

People don’t just love ChargeHubGO+ because it works, but because it is super easy to use too!

It’s so easy and inexpensive, there’s really no reason not to order your ChargeHubGO+ right now! This is especially true since there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to give the ChargeHubGO+ a try. What I love about this company is that they stand behind their product! Don’t love it? Send it back for a full refund. (But you won’t want to!)

I hadn’t found anything that could help me with this problem until now, and I’m really thankful that I did!

Join the THOUSANDS of people who are getting peace of mind with their devices' power with ChargeHubGO+.

ChargeHubGO+ has a few SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEALS going on right now if you order online using the link below. We can’t guarantee these discounts will be available for long, but we'll update this section if it stops… so if you’re reading this, you’re probably in luck!

Real Reviews From Real Customers:

"As a busy professional, I’m constantly on the road, in airports and hotels, and ChargeHubGo+ makes it super easy for me to charge all of my devices at the same time. In the past, I’ve had to carry multiple devices with me and now those are eliminated, not to mention that the ChargeHubGo_ is slim and conpact and I can carry it easily in my purse or even a pocket if needed. I also appreciate that I can place my phone on top of the device for charging if I’m using all of the other ports. I’ve even shared the charging cables with colleagues and clients so we can all charge at the same time. Definitely recommend this to anyone!" - Kristyn M.

"Cure Charge Anxiety with the Versatile ChargeHubGO+. The ChargeHubGO+ 5000 mAh All-in-One Charging Solution is the most versatile solution to charging on the go, we have ever seen." - Linda S.

"The 5000 mAh ChargeHubGO+ is my new go-to portable power bank. Its lightweight, slim design and built-in charging cables make it compact and functional enough to carry around for everyday use, and its 5W wireless charging pad sets it apart." - Rebecca A.

"I love it so much I bought a second for the wife. And now thinking about 3rd one for the car. I have small tray area where I put my phone now. But with the wireless charging I can just throw in the cubby hole and have wireless charging in my car. It’s smaller than my Asus charger so I can slip in my pocket with phone." - Epic

"I love these! I keep one in my purse and have several around the house. The best part about them is that they have a build in plug for both Apple and Android and it wirelessly charges. So no matter which phone needs charging you are covered. And if you have something that has a weird charging attachment with a USB you can plug the cable in to the USB. It is really a great extra charging device. I first saw it on Good Morning America's deals and steals... And ended up stuffing the stockings of my whole family with one." - Ellee F.