Your toothbrush, of all things, could be making you sick (here's what you need to do...)

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Do you ever feel like you're getting sick without knowing the cause? Or just feel recurring symptoms like low energy, congestion, cough, body aches without knowing why it keeps happening?

Well the culprit could be sitting right in front of you... your toothbrush.

As a matter of fact - your toothbrush likely has 100 million nasty germs crawling all over it right now.1

And those germs can infect your mouth when brushing and eventually make their way into your body.

I didn't know this until recently but, my dentist told me that your toothbrush is often the third dirtiest thing in your house.The bacteria and viruses on your toothbrush can come from the sink, other toothbrushes, or worse... from the toilet!

Every time you flush the toilet, poop particles can fly into the air and can land right on your toothbrush.7

Isn't it crazy to think we’ve been sticking toothbrushes with 100 MILLION bacteria cells in our mouths twice a day like clockwork?

And it only gets worse. The germs leftover on your toothbrush can even lead to serious problems – causing issues to your digestive system, immune system problems like diarrhea, and even increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes and more.2

Thankfully that's all about to change.

We finally discovered a revolutionary new product that is changing lives, for anyone who wants to keep their toothbrush free of germs and improve their overall wellbeing!

For the first time, you're able to use the same technology used by doctors and dentists to kill 99.9% of the germs on your toothbrush – safely, easily, quickly, and all naturally. And it’s all thanks to this revolutionary new device called Bril.

What is it?

Bril (short for “Brilliant”) is a portable toothbrush case that automatically sterilizes your toothbrush after every use.

It contains an all-natural UltraViolet (UV) light that kills 99.9% of germs on contact – including those harmful bacteria and viruses I mentioned earlier.

The concept is actually pretty simple: Instead of trying to kill bacteria after it’s inside your mouth, Bril helps you kill harmful germs and bacteria at the source (your toothbrush) – before they ever reach your mouth.

It’s the most effective technique I’ve found to protect yourself and your family from one of the most common sources of germs… your toothbrush. Soon I expect everyone will be using them!

How Does it Work?

The incredible power of Bril lies behind the germ-killing strength of Bril’s built-in ultraviolet (UV) light.

This UV light is also produced by the sun. However, it’s not just any type of UV light. Bril uses a special frequency of UV light called UV-C, which is even more effective at killing germs than other types of UV light.

UV-C light is proven to kill 99.9% of germs on the molecular level by destroying the DNA of germs – including viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria.4 This stops germs in their tracks and prevents them from spreading in your mouth (and then the rest of your body).

A new CDC study even confirms that UV-C light kills the same germs that cause diarrhea, pneumonia, meningitis, and urinary tract infections.5

Even the FDA recognizes UV light as an effective method for sterilizing medical equipment.6

With so much evidence that UV-C light works, it’s clear why it is also used by professionals to sanitize hospitals, schools, and even the International Space Station!

Bril's UV light is ingeniously enclosed inside the case making it completely safe while ensuring the light hits every bristle on your brush for a deep 360º clean. It really is “Bril-liant”!

Is it Easy to Use?

This is the best part about Bril – you don’t need to do anything differently to enjoy a germ-free toothbrush.

To use Bril, simply place your toothbrush inside and close the lid.

Bril will then automatically begin sterilizing your toothbrush with its germ-killing UV light, and turn off when it's done cleaning.

That’s really all there is to it – there are no funky liquids to soak your brush in, no batteries to replace, and no complicated technology.

Even better, the battery lasts for 30 DAYS on a single charge so you rarely have to charge it! And since Bril acts as a protective case and hang-able toothbrush holder, it’s useful both at home and while traveling.

I’m so happy I found Bril – not only does it give me peace of mind knowing my mouth is better protected from germs, but it’s also super convenient.

Just think about it… the second you put your toothbrush back in the holder, it begins disinfecting the toothbrush automatically – keeping it germ-free until the next time you use it. (Sounds kinda futuristic, doesn’t it?)

Plus it doesn’t just kill germs, Bril also doubles as a germ-protective case to prevent common airborne and contact germs from reaching the head of your toothbrush when you’re not using it.

The fact that it’s a case makes it super easy to travel with too.

On the back of the case, there’s even a magnet so you can mount Bril so it’s off the counter, and away from the toilet! We also love how clean it makes the bathroom look.

The way I see it, you need a place to keep your toothbrush anyway. Why not keep it in something that also sterilizes it safely? Honestly, Bril is an incredible breakthrough in home dental care. I won’t be surprised when everyone’s using them!

What Else I Love About Bril

  • Its 360º Ultra-Deep Sterilization – after every use, Bril sterilizes your toothbrush head from all sides to remove even the most stubborn germs – all the way down to the base of the bristles. It's like brushing your teeth with a fresh toothbrush every time!
  • It's Dentist Approved & Recommended – Bril really is revolutionary for home dental care and is already being recommended by doctors and dentists around the world as a no-brainer item that everyone should be using.
  • It's Small & Portable (Great For Travel!) – you don’t have to compromise your health while on the road, Bril is about the size of an Apple earbud case, making it ideal for travel. It easily fits in your toiletry case and lasts for 30 days without needing to be recharged.
  • It Fits All Toothbrushes – electric, standard, large or small… Bril works with them all! (Yes – even small children’s brushes and oddly shaped electric brushes!)
  • Its 24-hour Toothbrush Protection – forget that nasty cup sitting on the sink! Bril not only sterilizes, it also creates a physical barrier – keeping your brush protected from germ buildup while you’re not using it.
  • It's A Perfect Gift For The Whole Family – Bril comes in an array of stylish colors – not only does this add a touch of personality to a gift, it also makes it easy to tell which brush is which in a large family!
  • Their 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with your Bril, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

As Seen In

Bril is starting to make a name for itself, which is no surprise! People everywhere are raving about it! (In fact, Bril already has over 1,500 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-STAR REVIEWS and counting)

People don’t just love Bril because it works, but because it is super easy to use too!

It’s so easy and inexpensive, there’s really no reason not to order your Bril right now! This is especially true since there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to give Bril a try. What I love about this company is that they stand behind their product! Don’t love it? Send it back for a full refund. (But you won’t want to!)

I hadn’t found anything that could help me with this problem until now, and I’m really thankful that I did!

Join the THOUSANDS of people who are improving their wellbeing and living healthier with Bril!

Bril has a few SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEALS going on right now if you order online using the link below. We can’t guarantee these discounts will be available for long, but we'll update this section if it stops… so if you’re reading this, you’re probably in luck!

Real Reviews From Real Customers:

"This product is great. When you put it on your toothbrush the sanitizing light comes on. After the light goes out I leave it on my toothbrush to protect it from any germs that might be floating around in my bathroom. I was looking for a toothbrush cover for that reason. But to find one that also sanitizes my brush....what a find! Now I know my toothbrush is clean every time I brush my teeth. I also bought this for my family for Christmas." - VickiLynn G.

"Very easy to use and works on manual as well as electric tooth brushes. I've been using it as I travel and have had no problems. Only takes about 3 minutes to disinfect but I leave it on until I'm ready to use by tooth brush again." - Gaia

"I looked at this for a long time before deciding to buy and I’m so glad I bought it. I absolutely love it. I have a compromised immune system and my toothbrush can reinfect me if I get sick, no matter how well I clean it. So instead of wasting money constantly buying electric toothbrushes, I just pop it in the Bril and I never have to worry about my toothbrush reinfecting me. I will be a customer for life. Amazing product!" - Gigi

"This makes me feel so much better about leaving my toothbrush in the bathroom. Now I feel that I am cleaning my teeth with a clean brush everyday without hesitation. I just love it." - Tonya C.

"Not only does it's super stylish as well! It’s sleek, modern and even matches my bathroom décor. Love that a product now exists that effectively sterilizes my toothbrush and doesn’t take up valuable bathroom counter space." - Sarah F.

"Would give this product 10 stars if I could. Not only does it give me incredible peace of mind that I’m not putting harmful bacteria into my mouth, but it’s so easy to grab for weekends away." - Deborah M.