This Revolutionary New Device Helps You Avoid Direct Contact With Harmful Germs

"As a healthcare worker, this handy tool has been extremely helpful..."

People are RAVING about this smart invention for protecting yourself and preventing the spread of germs.

I don’t know about you, but the past few months have put my “germ anxiety” on overdrive.

I’ve never been much of a germaphobe, but for obvious reasons, I’m being extra careful these days… yet the more I learn, the more I feel like I’m fighting an impossible battle.

According to experts, each of us come into contact with 60,000 germs every day… and anywhere between 600-1,200 of them are dangerous.1

I do everything I can to avoid them. I open doors with my shirt, use my elbows in the elevator, carry hand sanitizer everywhere… but all it takes is one accidental touch to make me feel unsafe again.

Can you relate?

That’s why I was so relieved when my friend introduced me to the Aviano Copper Protector – a little device that helps you avoid direct contact with germs. It’s literally the perfect solution for anyone concerned about touching germs throughout the day – and if you ask me, that should be all of us. Just wait until you hear how it works! 

What is it?

Simply put: the Aviano Copper Protector is the only 99.9% Copper “zero-touch” device available.

This unique design allows you to “touch” things without making direct physical contact with your hands and fingers – making it easy (and anxiety-free) to:

  • Open doors
  • Press buttons (it even works on touchscreens and phones!)
  • Turn handles, knobs and locks
  • Flush toilets
  • And much more – all while reducing your risk of contact with bacteria or viruses.

And, because Copper is inherently antimicrobial, it even sanitizes itself! You don’t have to worry about collecting germs that you’ll just end up touching later.

This is huge. Finally, something that’s actually safe to use and won’t end up spreading more germs than it prevents – unlike your pen or elbow! But naturally, I’m sure you’re wondering how it actually works. Well, guess what? That’s the most interesting part!

How does it work?

The Aviano Copper Protector’s secret is hidden in plain sight – it’s in the name itself!

That’s right: the Aviano Copper Protector is made of 99.9% copper. As you may know, copper is naturally antimicrobial and proven to be extremely effective at killing viruses, bacteria, germs, and other microbes – based on research from the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology.²

Even better, one Copper Protector will last you a lifetime. There’s no maintenance or cleaning required, and while it will tarnish over time, that’s just a sign that it’s made with authentic copper (in other words, the tarnishing is a GOOD thing).

How we use it on a daily basis

First off, I haven’t left the house without my Copper Protector since I got it. It fits easily in my pocket (I keep it on my keychain) and makes me feel so much better knowing I won’t have to put my hands on any grimy surfaces.

I use my Copper Protector at least ten times a day – in all sorts of situations:

  • In the bathroom (to use the sink and flush the toilet)
  • In elevators (to press the buttons)
  • At the grocery store (carrying my basket and bags, using the credit card machine)
  • Opening pretty much everything – car doors, mailboxes, even twisting locks
  • I will admit that it took me a few days to get the hang of it – but once you get used to using your Copper Protector, you’ll never go back. It’s totally subconscious for me now. As soon as I see a door or other “risky situation”, the Copper Protector is already in my hand before I know it!

My daughter is a particularly big fan of hers, too. She just moved into her first apartment, and she uses it to call the elevator, open the trash chute, and safely pass through the same doors that hundreds of other people also touch every day.

It makes me feel so much better knowing there’s one less thing for my family to worry about right now.

What Else I Love About Copper Protector
  • It's Perfect For Door Handles, Locks, Touchscreens, Buttons, and More – The use cases are almost endless. Whether it’s during your commute or a trip to the grocery store, the Aviano Copper Protector reduces your direct contact with germs.
  • It's Made With Real Natural Copper - Unlike most other brands, Copper Protector is ideally made with REAL copper that naturally kills pathogens
  • It's Self-Sanitizing – Copper kills bacteria and viruses – and is continuously self-sanitizing (unlike stainless steel, aluminum, or other cheap metals).²
  • It Attaches To Your Keychain, Belt Loop, Or Purse – Take it with you anywhere. Smaller than a credit card, Copper Protector is ready when you need it most.
  • It Has an Extra-Comfortable Grip – The Aviano Copper Protector feels comfortable and sturdy in your hand – making it easy to use for people of all ages and different hand sizes. Great for carrying grocery bags too!
  • The Copper Lasts Forever – The high-purity of the copper will naturally change color, which will not affect its antimicrobial properties. The effects of copper will last forever.
  • It's Proudly Made in the USA – Aviano is a small business based in Miami, Florida working hard to ensure they are able to meet the highest quality standards.
  • It Reduces Anxiety & Stress Due to Germ Exposure – Safely avoid touching the same surfaces used by thousands of other people so you can go through your day with ease and confidence.
  • Their 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Aviano Copper Protector, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

As Seen On

Copper Protector is starting to make a name for itself, which is no surprise! People everywhere are raving about it! (In fact, Copper Protector has HUNDREDS OF 5-STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

People don’t just love Copper Protector because it works, but because it is super easy to use too!

It’s so easy and inexpensive, there’s really no reason not to order your Copper Protector right now! This is especially true since there’s ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to give the Copper Protector a try. What I love about this company is that they stand behind their product! Don’t love it? Send it back for a full refund. (But you won’t want to!)

I hadn’t found anything that could help me with this problem until now, and I’m really thankful that I did!

Join the THOUSANDS of smart people who are protecting themselves from harmful germs with Copper Protector.

Copper Protector has a few SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEALS going on right now if you order online using the link below. We can’t guarantee these discounts will be available for long, but we'll update this section if it stops… so if you’re reading this, you’re probably in luck!

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


"As a healthcare worker, this handy tool has been extremely helpful in reducing my point of contact with highly contaminated surfaces. Apart from using gloves when needed, I keep this hung in my scrub pants all day to pass through doors and push elevator buttons as I enter and leave the hospital" - Eliane E.


"Amaiiiizing…easy to use, lightweight and innovative design that allows me to open all different types of doors and locks without having to touch the surfaces. Prefer this to most other brands who are not made of copper since copper is the best antimicrobial material for eliminating viruses and microbes." - Alan


"I was looking for a pure copper product to carry at all times after studying about the benefits of copper. I saw other tools out there but those were either brass or other materials and many of them made in China." - Jeremy B.


References: People come into contact with 60,000 germs on a daily basis 1 | Bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces 2