Halloween Sale: The Top 25 Gifts of the Month

Since we can't hand out candy, we wanted to give our amazing readers some freebies and treats that are right up our alley.

These exclusive discounts are made possible by innovative small businesses with all treats and no tricks! And the best part, you don't even have to dress up!

Take a moment to explore along with us. This list has something perfect for everyone (or just treat yourself)!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I’m a true believer that oral health is a big part of overall health. Knowing that bril kills 99.9% of bacteria makes me want to give one to everyone I love!" - Celina M.

The Best Travel-Friendly Toothbrush Case - Kills Up To 99.9% of Germs

Did you know? Your toothbrush likely has 100 million nasty germs crawling all over it right now!

That’s where Bril comes in. Bril is a portable toothbrush case that uses natural UV light to kill 99.9% of germs on the head of your toothbrush – protecting you and your family from viruses and harmful bacteria.

Bril is super easy to use and strongly recommended for adults, kids, seniors, or anyone that wants a happier, healthier smile. Plus, it's perfect for traveling.

It fits ALL toothbrushes (including electric) and uses the same UV sterilizing technology trusted by hospitals & the International Space Station!GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW

Duo Cover

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The Duo cover completely blew me away. I’ve been using it to heat up frozen meals in the microwave like I usually do when I’m in a hurry, but wow! Everything just tastes so much better!" - Jean-Yves

Never Throw Your Leftovers Away Again - This Device Makes Your Microwaved Food Taste Incredible

Do your leftovers always come out of the microwave dry and tasteless? Only to end up being thrown away?

Duo Cover unlocks your microwave’s full potential, transforming yesterday’s leftovers into delicious gourmet meals — but that’s not the only thing it does.

It's a heat-resistant silicone microwave cover that does the job of 4 essential kitchen accessories in 1: a food cover, oven mitts, a warming plate, AND a steamer! Simply spoon a bit of water into the top, twist the knob, and voila: Duo Cover will steam your meal instead of just zap it, resulting in MUCH more moist and flavorful food. 

Plus, Duo Cover is completely safe and plastic-free, using high-quality materials that are designed to last for 10+ years!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

FlightPath Golf Tees

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I could tell from the first hit these are special. Each drive went long, high and straight. These tees give you confidence right away. I’d say that’s an innovative design and impressive product. Bravo!" - Barry L.

Best New Gift For Golfers: Instantly Improves Your Game

FlightPath is the tournament-legal tee with a revolutionary design that helps you effortlessly hit longer, straighter drives. Plus, it’s nearly unbreakable!

Enjoy laser-like precision and distance every time you step up to the tee! Even professionals like Maurice Allen have already made the switch to FlightPath.

We admit it: Using a FlightPath tee won’t turn you into Tiger Woods overnight. However, it will instantly add a few yards to each drive… help you hit straighter shots… and save you money and hassle every time you hit the links.

It’s all thanks to the patented FlightPath design, which has been robotically tested to reduce backspin and the friction that causes sidespin. Add in the polycarbonate material that makes each tee last for 100+ hits and boom — you’re looking at the best golf tee ever made!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This was exactly what I was looking for! I bought the GoDonut to prop up my iPad and iPhone while in the kitchen and works perfectly!" - Ida A.

The Universal Phone & Tablet Stand That Lets You Use Any Device Hands-Free

GoDonut is the world’s most portable and universal stand for phones and tablets. It will work with your entire collection of mobile devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Kindle Fire, and more!

The deceptively simple and patented design allows you to comfortably use your device no matter where you are or what you’re doing for a truly hands-free experience.

That’s right – you can finally enjoy your phone and tablets without the burden of propping them against random objects (and breaking them).

Binge watch Netflix, follow recipe videos while cooking, FaceTime friends, or record for your followers at the pool (yep, it’s waterproof too!)GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This has to be the coolest phone mount I’ve had & used. Literally lets you mount and hang your phone anywhere. I use it primarily to watch youtube at dinner, to follow recipes when making a new dish and during driving for maps. It’s also super easy to fold up and throw it in your bag to take with you. Highly recommend!" - Steven G.

Instantly Mount Your Devices Anywhere With This Shark Tank Winner

Tenikle lets you mount any device, anywhere, in seconds! With bendable legs & strong suction cups, it easily adjusts to securely hold your phone, tablet or camera in virtually any location.

It’s as easy as bend, stick, and hold! If it’s smooth, Tenikle sticks to it — no matter how awkward the surface is.

What's also great is it doesn't obstruct your camera, sound, or ports!

Tripods, selfie sticks, GPS mounts, bike mounts, phone stands, on and on. That’s a lot of bulk (not to mention expense)! Tenikle replaces ALL of those and more with one light-weight, portable, super secure, grab-and-go option.

Now you can position your devices at ANY angle, anytime and anywhere! Whether you're trying to take photos, record, or watch videos, Tenikle can make it easier!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

Audien Atom

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These have really changed my life. They are so small yet so powerful. They charge quickly and stay charged for a whole day or more. Better yet, no tiny switches to turn on and off." - Barbara A.

This New Hearing Aid Offers Premium Sound & Wireless Charging at 1/10th of the Price

It’s a frightening realization — but a recent report revealed that nearly 500 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide.

The problem is traditional hearing aids are too expensive, time-consuming, difficult to obtain, and they look terrible.

Audien Atom is the world’s smallest, most affordable hearing device on the market. And it's the first consumer device that helps people with moderate hearing loss hear perfectly clearly again — the moment you put it in.

Plus, unlike traditional hearing aids, the Atom's cutting-edge technology removes unnecessary “bells and whistles” that make other hearing devices bulky, uncomfortable, and expensive.

It can make a very meaningful and thoughtful gift for anyone who suffers from hearing loss but can't afford the outrageous price of traditional hearing aids.GET UP TO 30% OFF NOW

The Dynasty Series Kitchen Knives

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Best knives I’ve owned!! I absolutely love these, super sharp and really easy to cut with. They’re nice to look at too so I have mine on display. Highly recommend getting these!" - Jasmin

The Most Wanted Kitchen Gear of 2023

The Dynasty Series by The Cooking Guild is no ordinary set of knives, and can make an excellent gift for anyone who cooks (or is learning to).

The beautiful stainless steel knives are created with an 1,100-year-old Samurai technique called San Mai, which helps them stay sharper longer.

That said, these knives are more than cutting tools — they’re designed to help you save time, make better meals, and regain your love of working in the kitchen!

These eye-catching, elegant pieces were crafted by a knifemaking startup that is dedicated to helping everyone enjoy the safety, convenience and pride that comes with owning premium-quality kitchen knives.GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW

Chill Pill

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I struggled significantly with falling asleep and staying asleep. Sleeping medications made me feel hungover. But with the Chill Pill, I'm asleep within 20 minutes! This is literally a miracle device!" - Jenna

Naturally Relieve Insomnia & Anxiety in Minutes

Simply by holding it in your hand, the Chill Pill quickly relieves symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. This revolutionary new drug-free method is safe, has zero side effects, and is proven to be effective for people of all ages.

It’s all thanks to the breakthrough method called Electrotherapy Stimulation, which sends gentle electronic pulses from your hand to your brain that tell your nervous system to relax. Now, thanks to the Chill Pill, you finally have a portable, discreet and affordable handheld version you can take anywhere!

Not only can the Chill Pill help you mitigate the risks associated with anxiety & insomnia drugs, it also helps you mitigate the expense. It save tons of money over time because there are no refills or batteries to replace (it's USB rechargeable)!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

My Happy Feet Socks

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Well made product that does exactly what it promise & more. Relieves my plantar fasciitis pain & arthritis pain tremendously. I am impressed with these socks for healing & they look good!" - Vee

All Natural & Long Lasting Foot Pain Relief

My Happy Feet Socks deliver quick relief from all types of foot pain by gradually aligning your toes to minimize the harmful effects of daily foot stress.

Most foot pain is caused by swelling and inflammation of your joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. My Happy Feet Socks comfortably slip in between your toes to align your feet, improve circulation, relieve swelling and soothe aching feet.

And since the foot is connected to the leg, they even have a positive effect on your knees, hips, and back… all the way to your neck! The best part is that they actually feel amazing.

Recommended by hundreds of doctors & podiatrists around the world - My Happy Feet Socks are the most effective non-surgical way to soothe your aching feet and relieve foot problems!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I wish I came across this 20 years ago. When I feel a migraine coming on, I throw the CoolCura on and my migraine dissipates seemingly instantly! It’s seriously magic how well it works. Overall, I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve already ordered a bunch more to give to friends and family, and I can’t wait to hear how it helps them!" - Dylan

All Natural Acupressure Therapy That Relieves Headaches, Neck Pain, Stress, Insomnia & More

CoolCura is the easiest way to enjoy all the benefits of ancient Feng Fu ice therapy. It’s perfect for aches and pains, as well as stress, anxiety, insomnia and more.

In short, the CoolCura neckband gently hugs the back of your neck while applying targeted cold therapy to a special acupressure point on your body.

Thousands of years ago, traditional Chinese medicine discovered that the human body has a special spot called the “Feng Fu”. When you apply ice to your Feng Fu point, it increases blood flow and produces endorphins that get carried throughout your body.

And since endorphins are your body’s natural pain relievers, you not only get soothing relief — you also experience a euphoric, relaxed feeling!

With CoolCura you have an easy to use, always ready, convenient and mess free way to enjoy the benefits of Feng Fu therapy.

Sooth your mind, body, and soul with CoolCura!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

The PhotoStick OMNI

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I got all my pictures and downloads off my phone, tablet and laptop. What a relief! I have had several phones die over the years and so much info was on them. This PhotoStick is worth every penny!" - Kathleen M.

Find & Protect ALL Your Memories In ONE Click!

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a small but powerful device that automatically finds, sorts, and safely backs up your photos, videos and other files from all your devices: phones, tablets, and laptops (and yes it works with Apple, Windows, Android, Google devices and more).

It's easy for ANYONE to use - you simply plug it into your device, click 'Go', and let it find and store your files. Plus you don't need an internet connection to use it and there are never any monthly fees!

The cool thing is with ThePhotoStick OMNI you can save all your photos, videos, and files from ALL of your different devices all in one safe & convenient place!

It's perfect for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe and organized WITHOUT all the hassle, time, and money it would cost to do it yourself!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "So much power in such a small space! No more big, bulky chargers in my already heavy purse! Fabulous for traveling! I bought a bunch of them to give as gifts! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!" - Shelley G.

Sleek Credit Card Sized Device is the World's Smallest Emergency Phone Charger!

ChargeCard is a revolutionary new device that allows you to store an extra emergency charge for your phone in the palm of your hand.

This sleek device is engineered with ultra-fast charging technology (1.5a), built in charging cables (USB-C, Lightning, micro USB), premium stainless steel design and a high capacity battery (2300mah) — all fit into the size of a credit card!

Plus, it works with Apple, Android and all your other devices, just take it out of your wallet whenever you're in a pinch and get a emergency boost to get you back on the grid.GET UP TO 30% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Extremely powerful for its size! I have allergies, COPD and my best friend is my Chihuahua, Frankie. I could tell a difference shortly after turning it on! I have one by my bed and I sleep all night now, no coughing either." - Anna M.

This Filter-Free Portable Air Purifier Can Remove 99% Of Airborne Contaminants In Seconds

With the press of a button, Purifair instantly purifies the air in virtually ANY indoor space up to 200 square feet – it’s perfect for your home, office, car, classrooms, and more!

It’s quiet, filterless, and portable – so you can finally relax knowing the air you breathe is safe!

It’s all thanks to a breakthrough technique called Air Ionization, which has been used to purify the air in hospitals for decades. Purifair releases a “force field” of negative ions, which eliminate airborne contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

Whether you suffer from allergies or are concerned about the disease-carrying pathogens that infest indoor spaces, you can trust Purifair to keep you protected.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

Paingone Plus

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I bought the Paingone plus pen for my sister who has severe arthritis. She takes the Paingone plus pen everywhere with her and has experienced a lot of relief from pain almost immediately after use. I’m happy with this purchase and look forward to purchasing paingone plus for myself!" - T. K.

This "Miracle Pen" Can Relieve Almost Any Pain in Under 60 Seconds

Paingone Plus is a small wireless TENS device that delivers fast, drug-free relief for acute and chronic pain almost anywhere on the body.

The device was created by doctors who understood the potential of TENS, and were tired of prescribing medications to people who could benefit from this much safer drug-free therapy.

TENS technology has been proven for decades to be an incredible alternative to painkillers, allowing the body to naturally soothe chronic and acute pain on its own.

The problem is previous TENS devices were attached to the skin with adhesive pads attached to the machine with wires… making them inaccessible to most people because of their clunkiness (all those wires and pads!) and expensive.

That's what makes Paingone Plus such a game changer - it takes the time-trusted technology of old-school TENS units and makes it something you can access anywhere, anytime, any place. Plus, it’s fast, easy to use, and travel friendly!

It's a very meaningful gift for any loved ones with acute or chronic pain, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, athletic pain and more.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We sent 12 video tapes to convert and will be sending 12 more. Absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t believe how great it felt seeing movies that we could no longer view." - Donna M.

Convert VHS Tapes, Photos, Film and More to Digital and Preserve Treasured Family Memories

Save your family memories from being lost forever! iMemories turns all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so they can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed by your entire family on every modern device (apple and android): TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more.

Old physical formats like photos and VHS weren't made to last forever, they degrade over time and will slowly fade away. Not to mention the threat of floods, fires, computer crashes and virus attacks to losing them all, forever.

iMemories can also create custom DVD's and USB Flash Drives for you (one of the all-time best and most meaningful gifts)!

iMemories is the world’s most trusted home movie and photo digitization company. So far, they’ve helped over 2,000,000 families digitize their treasured photos and videos!GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These work like a charm! They adhere to my Mac, the back of my phone, etc, perfectly. I can unstick and restick them numerous times before I even consider having to rinse them off. The cleaning side is like a mix of soft microfiber/suede and picks up oils, dust, etc spectacularly. Honestly, my screens get cleaner with these than they do with alcohol or screen cleaning wipes." - Hunter W.

The World's Most Convenient & Effective Screen and Lens Cleaner

WaterBears are tiny patches that stick onto the back of your phone or camera - so they’re always there when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t!

When your device gets smudgy, just peel off your WaterBear, clean your screen or lens in a split second, and stick them back for when you need them next time.

WaterBear's NASA-inspired nano-carbon blended material magnetically attracts and traps grime, oils, smudges, spills and more - leaving you with nothing but shine and clarity!

And thanks to WaterBears silicone adhesive gel back, not only can you stick it anywhere, but you can stick and peel over and over without losing the stickiness or leaving an unwanted sticky residue.

The perfect solution for: phone screens, iPads, eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, computer monitors and more!GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This has helped my headaches SO much! It’s comfortable, fitted but stretchy, so I can wear it all the way over my eyes and lay down for bit. Other times when I need to work or stay mobile I wear it just above my eyes." - Marina M.

All Natural Headache Relief in Minutes

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap is a hot and cold therapy cap that provides 360° coverage for natural and fast relief for all types of headaches including: tension, sinus, cluster headaches and more.

TheraICE works by gently wrapping your head with soothing cold compression to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation. The pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently cushions pressure points and relieves your headache. It’s like a cooling hug…for your head.

You can also use TheraICE for heat therapy. Simply heat it in the microwave! TheraICE is the first headache solution that provides 360º coverage, allowing it to apply gentle pressure to every “relief point“ to provide immediate, all-over headache relief.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This product is great. I'm super sensitive to dirty glasses and find myself cleaning them more than once a day — until I got this. Totally worth it. You will have the cleanest glasses." - Donna

The World’s Most Effective Eyeglasses (Or Sunglasses) Lens Cleaner

Peeps revolutionary and patented invisible carbon formula safely and easily cleans your glasses and sunglasses, leaving them as clean as the day you got them.

Not only do dirty lenses make seeing the world difficult, but they can cause eyes to quickly tire and ache; and could eventually even lead to headaches.

Peeps softly removes nasty dirt and dust at a microscopic level, leaving your lenses stunningly clear. And it's the only glasses cleaner that is designed to actually remove bacteria and oil instead of just wiping them around, like sprays and cloths.

Plus, it's scratch-resistant and the invisible carbon technology actually repels dirt and oil, protecting your glasses in the future.

Any pair of glasses or sunglasses can now be cleaned on the molecular level better than anything else using Peeps. They have already sold over 3 MILLION units across the world!GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW

Whippy Charge

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This charger is amazing! One cable works on all my devices: Apple, USB-C, and Micro. You get all three with each cable. You put the tips on your devices, then the cable works on all of them, with no adaptors to change each time. Another amazing feature: the connection at the port swivels 360 degrees for staying out of the way better, and again, less stress on the port. I can't say enough about this product. I've bought them for everyone in my family!" - William W.

The Ultimate Charging Cable

With its 540° rotating magnetic connector, the Whippy Charge cable is quickly becoming the “most wanted” tech accessory of 2023.

It’s designed to be universally compatible so you can charge all of your devices with one cable, including iPhones & iPads, Android phones & tablets, laptops, video game controllers — and just about anything else with a USB charger.

But what really sets this cable apart is the 540° rotating head that magnetically “snaps” to your device for easy one-handed use, and pivots to any angle.

It's also super durable thanks to its nylon braided cord and reinforced connectors. This is a perfect gift for virtually anyone!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

Pocket Tripod

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Love this little tripod. We go on a lot of biking trips and always just prop our phone up on something to get photos or videos. This is such a good solution to that and now we can get better angles." - Chris

Tiny Fold-able Phone Stand That's Like Having A Professional Tripod In Your Pocket

Pocket Tripod is a revolution in phone tripod design — it’s a fully functional phone and tablet tripod stand that folds up into a credit-card sized shape and fits in your pocket, allowing you to use your phone hands-free wherever you go!

After seeing it once, you’ll have to agree: it’s pretty genius. Even Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, was blown away… in fact, he said he “wished he invented it”! Pocket Tripod firmly holds any phone (even if it’s in a phone case) in both portrait and landscape mode…

And thanks to the precision pivot points, you can position it at any angle you need to get the perfect shot! Best of all, when you fold your Pocket Tripod up it’s exactly as thin as 2 standard credit cards, so you can take it anywhere and everywhere!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Keyzmo has come to my rescue a few times now, so everyone on my Christmas list is getting one this year. It was given to me as a gift, so paying it forward to others who I know will love it just as much as I do!" - Deborah M.

An Entire Toolbox In A Single Key

Keyzmo is a 16-in-1 multi-tool that combines all your essential tools into one simple key you can carry anywhere! Created for outdoor adventurers, hobbyists, handymen, and anyone looking to be prepared for anything at a moment’s notice.

There are hundreds of ways to use Keyzmo! Effortlessly wrench, screw, measure, cut, strip, open, file, and fix anything. Even use it to crack open your favorite beer!

Keyzmo is the most compact multi-use tool ever made. Lightweight and TSA compliant, you’ll always have it with you! Its 16 Tools Include:

Screwdriver (4), Closed Wrenches (12), ¼” Bit Driver, Serrated Edge, Bottle Opener, File, Ruler (2), Can Opener, Protractor, Wire Stripper, Lanyard Hole, Bike Spoke Key, Wire Bender, Scoring Tip, 12 Point WrenchGET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This really works! My fiance has chronic back pain and within minutes once we got the right positioning for the patch, the pain was basically gone.. what a gift to give him some comfort. I will be getting another for sure!!" - Kimberly

All Naturally Relieve Pain Anywhere on the Body in Seconds

Kailo is an all natural pain patch that relieves pain anywhere on your body in seconds!

Kailo is non-invasive, drug-free, and made with patented technology that boosts the natural signals of the body and helps the brain communicate with disrupted areas more effectively to relieve pain anywhere.

It's great for anyone, because we all experience some kind of pain at one point or another. Here are some of the things Kailo can help relieve: back, neck, shoulder, elbow, and knee pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, sciatica, menstrual cramps & more.

Using the patch is easy and safe for all ages: When you’re feeling pain, all you do is stick a Kailo to your body (somewhere between the pain and your brain). Within moments, you’ll feel the pain easing away.

The best part is Kailo is 100% drug-free, so nothing foreign or toxic enters your body, has zero side effects and can be worn every single day.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I've used it to repair charging cords for electronics, game pieces, jewelry, toys - on and on. The bond is flexible and strong and lasts forever. A great product!" - Catherine

Fix Virtually Anything Without Messy Glue

50x more powerful than glue, Bondic® is the patented liquid plastic welder that hardens in seconds with its UV light. It makes everyday fixes quick, easy, and long-lasting – potentially saving you $1000s on repairs.

Just apply the unique liquid formula to the damaged area, flip bondic over, and shine its special UV light on it for only 4 seconds, and voila! The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic on your command!

Bondic is non-toxic and can work on virtually any surface: metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics — you name it, Bondic handles it!

Stop struggling with messy glues and items that could be an easy fix – get it done right the first time with Bondic!GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I was skeptical at first. Then I used it and I LOVE IT! No more shaving! I have very sensitive and allergy prone skin and this thing works great on my skin type. Highly recommend and will be telling friends and family!" - Brittany

Magically Erase Body Hair and Leave Skin Feeling Silky Smooth

Bleame is a small handheld hair removal tool that quickly “erases” your unwanted body hair while exfoliating your skin at the same time.

Using Nano-Crystalline Technology, Bleame allows your hair to clump and break from the surface when rubbed gently on your skin. This process also helps exfoliate, revealing baby smooth skin after use.

It works mechanically, meaning it exfoliates without using harsh chemicals that can burn your skin — and it doesn’t require batteries or refills, so you can reuse it over and over again.

That’s all there is to it. The hair is GONE and your skin is smooth, exfoliated, and free from ingrown hairs!

 ̶G̶E̶T̶ ̶U̶P̶ ̶T̶O̶ ̶5̶0̶%̶ ̶O̶F̶F̶ ̶N̶O̶W̶ DEAL SOLD OUT

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This works like MAGIC. Got it yesterday and used it last night & this morning. I already noticed a difference & major improvement" - Pursley

An All-Natural Device That Instantly Helps You Breathe Easier & Better

AirPhysio is a patented, award-winning device that uses oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) to naturally improve your breathing.

When you exhale into the device, a positive pressure is created in your lungs, which loosens mucus from the airway walls so you can cough it out naturally – allowing you to finally breathe again.

AirPhysio helps clear excess mucus build-up in your lungs, thus opening up blocked and semi-closed airways. This helps you maintain optimal hygiene in your lungs while maintaining or restoring maximum lung capacity.

100% drug-free, safe, and effective AirPhysio is trusted and recommended by hundreds of pulmonologists to help with symptoms from Asthma, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Emphysema, COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, and many more respiratory conditions.

It makes a very meaningful and thoughtful gift for anyone suffering from those type of respiratory conditions, or even anyone just trying to increase their fitness. After using AirPhysio once, you'll see why our customers describe it as “life-changing”.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I just got my REACT and it’s incredible! I absolutely love that it has everything I would need in an emergency all in one device." - Jonathan

The 7-in-1 Car Charger That Could Save Your Life

During an emergency every second counts. React is a 7-in-1 emergency tool designed to keep you and your family safe during any unexpected or dangerous situation.

From being stranded on the side of the road at night to being trapped inside your vehicle – React guarantees you have access to life-saving tools when you need them most.

This 7-in-1 emergency tool does it all: 1) Razor-Sharp Seatbelt Cutter 2) Steel Tip Window Breaker 3) Lightning-Fast USB Charger 4) Portable Power Bank 5) Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight 6) Strobing SOS Beacon 7) Long-Range Safety SirenGET UP TO 50% OFF NOW


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have never in my life been so thankful to have a product in my house. I will forever be thankful for LifeVac because my daughter's 3rd birthday could have had a much scarier outcome..." - R. Rivera

Save Anyone From Choking in Seconds (You Can Even Use It On Yourself...)

LifeVac is a patented life-saving device that is proven to be the most effective way to help a child or adult during a choking emergency.

Place LifeVac over the mouth and nose to create a seal. The one-way valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward when pressed. Then simply pull to create a one-way suction to remove the lodged food or object in seconds.

LifeVac gives you peace of mind knowing you’re always prepared and your loved ones are protected – because every second matters.

Recommended by hundreds of doctors and medical professionals around the world. It truly makes a perfect gift for anyone but it's especially great for baby showers, soon-to-be parents, the elderly, and anyone who lives alone.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

Zen Routine

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Absolutely love this dream sleep pillow spray! I've been using it for a while now and have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep. The scent is heavenly and not too strong, just the perfect amount to create a relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be a repeat customer!" - Ella E.

All Natural "Miracle Spray" That Helps You Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better

Zen Routine is a scientifically-proven pillow spray that lulls you to sleep in only 10 minutes. The all-natural super blend of essential oils and herbs also improves the quality of your sleep!

In fact, in a clinical study involving over 750 participants with EEG (aka brainwave monitoring) patches, Zen Routine was shown to improve sleep quality by 98%.

To fall asleep with Zen Routine, just spray it on your pillow and linens 5 minutes before bedtime… and let the magic unfold.

The natural and clean ingredients are free from harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, ensuring a safe and gentle drift into dreamland.GET UP TO 40% OFF NOW

Treva Bug Fan

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Absolutely love this product!! We like to dine outside and when the warm time of the year arrives it’s almost impossible because of flies. These fly fans have saved our outside dining experience!" - Jill

Keep Pesky Bugs Away 24/7 — Without Toxic Chemicals

Treva Bug Fan’s soft-stop, whisper-quiet fan blades keep bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests at bay — letting you enjoy bug-free dining outdoors!

There’s no zapping, no smell, no blue lights, no open flames, no flying bug particles, and most importantly... NO CHEMICALS.

Treva is not only more effective than other bug repelling solutions, it’s also much safer! It’s all thanks to Treva Bug Fan’s soft-stop, whisper-quiet blades, which are made with light-refracting material. Combined with constant motion, they create an unpleasant atmosphere for biting bugs — without bothering humans one bit!

It's also small and actually looks good — perfect for tablescapes indoors and out. Plus it’s battery powered and ultra-portable, so you can truly use it anywhere!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have attached Hootie to my keychain and it goes with me everywhere. It gives me an extra layer of security, which is such a nice feeling. Highly recommend!" - Brittney R.

The #1 Personal Safety Alarm

Enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are. Hootie is a personal safety alarm designed to deter attackers and help prevent life-altering tragedies.

If threatened, simply pull the cap to activate Hootie’s strobe light and ultra-loud siren to safely attract attention and stop any would-be attacker. Hootie empowers people in their everyday lives.

Hootie's ultra-loud 130db siren is as loud as a jet engine. The truly safe self-defense tool – all the protection without the danger of hurting yourself or others.GET UP TO 50% OFF NOW